# IPEM 2020 Programme

DAY 3 – Thursday Jan. 30

Private Capital Allocators’day

As private markets gain traction among allocators, new issues arise. This Day 3 is meant to gather Private Capital practicioners and especially LPs for an in-depth update about the asset class, its attractiveness, emerging practices and innovations.

Active investors sharing their views on Private Markets:

  • Top CIOs about their Private Capital allocation
  • Winning LP/GP relationships, alignment of interest
  • New fund / team selection
  • Portfolio management / Re-ups
  • Fund fees / innovative fund models
  • Public vs Private Markets
  • Tech trends disrupting PE
  • Managing illiquid assets

Focus by asset class / segment:

  • Investing in VC/Growth
  • Investing in Private Debt
  • Investing for impact
  • The family office approach to PE
  • The position of Funds of Funds / Asset Managers


Programme 2020

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