We, at IPEM, believe that when the world health context changes and improves, in-person interactions will still be necessary, valuable and enjoyable for our community. However, we want to let you know that we are prepared to run the safest conference taking into considerations the lessons we have all learnt this year.

Always prepared

The IPEM team is constantly monitoring the situation with public and local health officials to implement best practices both onsite and in Cannes. We, also, plan ahead as much as possible, with preemptive procedures on hand.

Health and prevention support

IPEM is introducing new health and prevention support for all attendees (incl. temperature check, social distancing recommendations, the possible use of facemasks, etc.)

Ensuring the safest event

IPEM will provide supplies (facemasks, hand sanitizers, paper handkerchiefs…) to ensure the safety of participants. IPEM is organized in a low-density environment (>12,000sqm at le Palais des Festivals). We are proactively managing the space and reducing congestion in the busiest areas (registration desks, conference rooms, aisles…). Cleaning and disinfection procedures will be reinforced, with increased sanitization of high-touch surfaces.

Being a good partner

In the current context, IPEM introduced more flexible refund policies for participants and exhibitors. If the event was cancelled (ie. not held within the calendar year of the original date), exhibitors and visitors may choose to have their fees carried over to the next edition or fully reimbursed.

Please find our refund policies in our General Terms & Conditions (chapter 17)