Over 140
investors & managers

We held 8 sessions in total, assembling over 140 investors and managers from as far afield as New Zealand and Dubai, to discuss topics ranging from IR challenges, to impact investing, venture capital, infrastructure, private debt and, two sectors at the heart of the pandemic, healthcare and consumer.


City centers are disconcertingly empty. Airports are eerily quiet. For an industry that thrives on prolific networking, international travel and personal relationships, lockdown has proved challenging for private equity.


And so, we at IPEM, decided to launch a series of Digital Meetups throughout July, bringing together LPs and GPs, to support knowledge sharing, relationship building and to help stimulate fundraising and investment activity in Europe.


The thirst for exchanging insight and ideas was palpable, in an environment that no-one has ever experienced before. Here are the key findings from IPEM’s 2020 Summer Digital Meetups… 

The Digital Meetups Wrap-Up Presentation

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