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An accelerating ESG imperative for private equity?
April 23 at 11am CET

  • How the pandemic accelerated the ESG agenda for institutional investors
  • The expected impact of EU ESG disclosure regulations / taxonomy + trends in other jurisdictions (US, UK…)
  • ESG as a value creation tool / how sustainable businesses proved more resilient in this crisis
  • How well is private equity addressing climate issues / bringing solutions at a portfolio level?
  • Will the “S” part become the priority? / how allocators see the growing social challenges


Maria Carradice

MAYFAIR Equity Partners

Portfolio Director – Environmental, Social and Governance

Philippe Dutertre


Moritz Haarmann


Head of Product Development


AssetMetrix is Europe’s leading next generation asset servicer, providing modular outsourcing solutions for private capital investors, asset owners and managers. Industry-leading services enable private capital investors to increase operational efficiency, benefit from a secure IT system, state-of-the-art analytics and increase their own transparency for optimal decision-making.

At AssetMetrix, we have built a digital platform offering the infrastructure for centralized and comprehensive integration of ESG. With our ESG solution we contribute towards enabling standardized ESG reporting and monitoring and therefore increased transparency for the Private Capital industry.
As a pure service provider with over 20 years of institutional investment experience, AssetMetrix is independent and operates without conflicts of interest.

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