LGT Capital Partners’s Q4 performance was its best on record. But even with a vaccine on the horizon, we are not yet out of the woods, says the Managing Partner Ivan Vercoutere

From the sharpest ever decline in equity markets and an unprecedented global lockdown in March, to an explosion of exceptional exits in the closing months of the year, 2020 has been one hell of a ride for private equity firms everywhere.
In this short video, Ivan Vercoutere, Managing Partner of LGT Capital Partners and a keynote speaker at IPEM 2021, shares his highs and lows during one of the most life-changing and volatile periods in history.

Ivan also shares his hopes – and fears – for the asset class that has shown its true mettle in a time of crisis robustly supporting portfolio companies, but which is also facing stratospheric valuations reminiscent of the dot com boom.

A special thank to Ivan Vercoutere, Managing Partner at LGT Capital Partners, for sharing with us his thoughts about the impact of a global pandemic on private markets!

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