# IPEM 2020 Programme

DAY 1 – Tuesday Jan. 28

Opening – macro outlook 2020 “Shaping a new growth formula”

In a low-growth environment, what are Private Capital stakeholders responsibilities? Where are the growth spots in 2020? What are successfull fund managers « growth hacking » recipes? Are there new growth models to design, more inclusive and sustainable? This opening day will gather global policy makers together with top private equity leaders to address these paramount questions.

  • Opening keynote
  • Economic / growth environment in 2020
  • Economic / growth policies update
  • Fireside chat with top VC/Growth investors
  • High growth success showcase
  • Emerging markets dynamics
  • Top-line growth strategies / growth buyout
  • Sustainability issues and positive innovation
  • Building growth infrastructures
  • Inclusive growth / addressing inequalities
  • Out of the box thoughts. Post-growth /Degrowth?
  • Closing remarks


Programme 2020

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