Watch Ivan Vercoutere's interview at IPEM 2020

Ivan Vercoutere (French) is a Managing Partner at LGT Capital Partners Ltd. and co-founder of the third-party fund of Private Equity fund activities for LGT in 1998. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Vercoutere was vice president and member of the investment committee of Pacific Corporate Group, Inc. (PCG), a California-based global private equity advisor and manager. While at PCG he was responsible for evaluating, performing due diligence on, negotiating and monitoring US and European-based private equity investments and portfolios on behalf of institutional investors, including The World Bank, CalPERS, the
State of Oregon, the State of Rhode Island and PCG’s fund of funds. He holds a BSc in Finance from San Diego State University and serves on the advisory board of a number of private equity funds. Mr. Vercoutere is fluent in English, French and Spanish.